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Imagine a time when people in every nation come together each year on 10th July to celebrate the amazing legacy of The Beatles and help local children everywhere!"

10th July 1964
The Beatles are greeted by thousands of screaming fans as they land back at Speke Airport after conquering the USA for the first time. Later that evening, over 100,000 fans line the streets of Liverpool as John, Paul, George and Ringo attend a civic reception for the premiere of ‘A Hard Day's Night'.

10th July 2008
The inaugural BEATLES DAY is celebrated in the city of Liverpool, birthplace of the world's greatest ever pop band.

-Were you one of those who lined the streets of Liverpool on July 10th 1964?
-Were you working at The Hard Day's Night premiere that evening?
-Were you at Liverpool Art College with Lennon?
-Did you meet your wife at The Cavern in '62?
-Was your Mum a nurse with Mary McCartney?
-Were you christened John, Paul, George or Ringo?

Today it has been announced that, 10th July 2008, will be officially rechristened as the first ever BEATLES DAY, 24 hours when the people of Liverpool will show their love for the Fab Four and raise money for the ALDER HEY IMAGINE APPEAL AND LIVERPOOL UNITES.

Over 20,000 specially-made Beatles-style mop-top wigs will be sold around Merseyside in the days leading up to 10th July, and following a day of celebrations all over the region. the spectacular climax will come in the shape of IMAGINE - THE CONCERT at the Summer Pops, hosted by RICKY TOMLINSON. He will be joined by a host of artists young and old from around the country all performing their Beatles favourites at a packed Liverpool Arena!

Chas Cole, Summer Pops promoter and one of the people behind the BEATLES DAY idea.

He says: "Everyone's got a Beatles story in this city, haven't they? The concert at the Echo Arena will be a great way to finish, but BEATLES DAY is really a chance for the ordinary people of Liverpool to share their memories and have some fun while raising money.

"This is a day where culture will truly belong to the people of Liverpool, when they can show what makes this city the European Capital of Culture; its heritage, humour, boundless enthusiasm under pressure and above all, its ability to not take itself too seriously. B-Day here we come!"

The plan for BEATLES DAY is quite simply for Liverpudlians to go about their daily business as normal on July 10th, the only difference being that they wear Mop Top wigs and share their Beatles stories with the rest of the city!

●THE LIVERPOOL ECHO will print the best of your stories!

● RADIO STATIONS will play Beatles songs and hold phone-ins

● SHOPS and BUSINESS all over the City will wear wigs, decorate their shop-fronts with Beatles memorabilia and play their songs all day


●SCHOOL CHILDREN will wear wigs and learn about the band's heritage

●BEATLES TRIBUTE BANDS will play from rooftops

●TV presenters will read the news wearing their wigs!

●SHOP ASSISTANTS, bar staff, market stall sellers, doctors's surgeries - everyone can take part!!

News of their home town's special tribute has been positively received by The Paul McCartney camp, along with John Lennon's wife Yoko Ono.

Phil Redmond at the Culture Company, said: "Liverpool and The Beatles are inseparable. Liverpool made the Beatles what they were and their immortal heritage has come to play a huge role in the way the city is viewed around the world today.

"I would love people to come to view BEATLES DAY as a landmark on the calendar in years to come."